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The Source Photography

Quick, Affordable, Quality Photos for Products Manufactured in China

The most important thing when it comes to selling a product online are the brand images. Your eCommerce and Amazon customers want to see what you have to offer; the better your images are, the more trust you build and more you can sell. If you are manufacturing your product in China and need product photography, you can count on The Source Photography to provide you with the images you are looking for in four easy steps!

No matter what you have to offer in your online store, our goal is to get you high-quality images quickly and at a price you can truly afford. Our goal is to make product photography straightforward, simplifying the entire process from start to finish.


1. Contact us

Choose from a variety of different product styles and let us take care of all the work for you. Reach out today to get started via the simple contact from

2. Connect

One of our Source Photography agents will reach out to give you our studio address in China so you can pass this along to your manufacturer. We'll work with your Chinese production company so they can send us a sample to shoot.

3. Shoot

Our team will keep you updated on when our photographers received the products. We will review and confirm photo specs with you before getting started. You can expect a fast, quality photo shoot delivered by our team in China

4. Done!

Once we've reviewed the images together and finalized after your review, we'll send you the images via email, ready to download right away!

Our team will also carefully return your products back to you once the project is complete. It's as easy as that! 

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Why Choose Us?

We're 50% cheaper than most photographers

Less turn around! Get your photos taken where the product are manufactured

It's done in China, no worry about shipping samples overseas

If you need pictures of your products but do not want to spend an arm and leg to get them, then stress no more! There is finally a way to have high-quality images of your products, quickly, and at a more affordable rate. Your brand is a top-seller for a reason; let us help you make a statement with photography that truly shows off what you have to offer. Say goodbye to the days of having to wait for images until your products are shipped, and let us help you get the pictures you desire during the manufacturing phase in China. We have the experience and expertise you deserve and the quick, affordable results you are looking for. Get your product images taken the right way with The Source Photography!

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